Easy and Painless Dieting Tips that Actually Work

When you hear the phrase “painless dieting” you likely scoff in disbelief. After all, if you are trying to squeeze in workouts when you can and actively avoid your favorite high-calorie treats, chances are there is nothing “painless” about your diet.

Even though eating healthier food options and getting into a consistent exercise routine does take a bit of work, it doesn’t necessarily require heroic effort. If you make a few simple lifestyle changes, you will discover that gradual changes occur over time.

The good news is, whether you believe it or not, there are a few pain-free ways to enhance your dieting efforts.

Add – Forget Subtracting

You should forget all about diet denial. Instead, try adding foods to your daily diet, rather than subtracting them.

For example, add in some healthy goodies that you like, such as crunchy snow peas, juicy grapes, or deep-red cherries. Slip all of these favorite fruits into your lunch or your breakfast cereal, and add the vegetables to sauces, stews, and soups.

Many people have discovered that adding is much more effective at helping them stick to a diet than taking foods away is. However, adding these new, healthy options isn’t enough. You also need to add in some physical exercise, as well. Don’t worry you can make this fun. Consider dancing around with your toddler before bed or taking a quick walk around the block after dinner.

Forget Working Out

If the term “exercise” inspires you to find creative ways to avoid it, then you should do just that. In some cases, the trick to actually enjoying a workout is to never refer to it as “working out.”

Once you begin the non-exercise-plan, you are going to discover the way that great healthy feels and how you can easily knock down the roadblocks that prevented you from any type of physical activity to begin with.

This means you can invigorate your muscles and burn calories by riding your bike, chasing your dog around the yard, or even washing the car. Get creative and stay away from the dreaded “working out” phrase.

Go For a Walk

When the weather is nice out, walking is a great way to stay fit. Even a five minute walk is better than nothing. Even if there aren’t any sidewalks in your neighborhood, you can slip in a few extra steps each day by:

  • Getting a push mower
  • Getting off the bus a few stops before your actual destination
  • Enjoy walking meetings rather than ones in a boardroom
  • Park the car far away from the building
  • Participate in charity walks
  • Take the stairs
  • Hit all the levels at the mall

All of this adds up pretty quickly. If you make yourself walk twice each day for 10 minutes and add a few of these tips, you have a great 30 minute workout completed.

Create Lighter Versions of the Foods You Love

A great way to cut back on your food intake without feeling deprived is to make a change to lower-calorie options of the foods you usually crave. After all, your pizza is going to taste just as good when you use a low-calorie cheese and you are still going to love ice cream – even if it is the frozen yogurt variety that has fewer calories.

While you are taking steps to trim the fat calories, you also need to find a way to boost your fiber intake. Fiber helps you to feel satisfied longer, so it is a great addition to any diet.

You can even lighten up the drinks you enjoy with meals. Consider making a switch from a high-calorie soda or beer, to light beer or diet soda.

Final Thought:

Dieting doesn’t have to be full of deprivation and sacrifice. When you approach it the right way, you will find there are many great, low calorie food and drink options available you can enjoy. Use the tips here and use your own creativity to make dieting easier and even more fun.

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